GetResponse Now Offers Webinar Facility


GetResponse has recently announced a launch of it’s Lead-Generation solution with built-in webinar platform. Clickwebinar technology and experience has been assimilated and embedded into the GetResponse platform. GetResponse, formerly Implix, the brainchild of a 19 year old internet marketer Simon Grabowski was launched some 17 years ago, in 2010 ClickMeeting launched with its sister offering ClickWebinar. It is both natural and fitting that as the GetResponse platform comes of age that it would find a fitting marketing marriage with another tech-spawn of Simons and that the business would capitalise on their vast experience with both markets and integrate the technologies in some way. Packaged as a lead generation platform it surely will not be long before a sales-automation offering that integrates something along similar lines to Clickmeeting.


“Until recently, GetResponse focused on offering innovative tools for email marketing and list building,” said Simon Grabowski, GetResponse Founder and CEO. “The addition of webinars equips our customers with an integrated solution for generating leads, engaging audiences, and monetizing their offers.”

The solution includes registration landing pages for capturing leads and nurturing them with automated invites and reminders. Organizers can create online meeting rooms where up to four presenters can share content using various built-in tools, including a slideshow presenter, digital whiteboard, image gallery, and YouTube player. Presenters can upload a wide variety of documents for review, markup, and collaboration.

The system includes an advanced screen-sharing engine, instant online polling, and open or moderated chat translated into 52 languages. Thanks to the recording feature, presenters can share their exclusive webinar content with attendants, or with the entire world – whichever best fits their business strategy.

“Our top priority has always been to keep up with the needs of our customers and provide solutions that support their goals,” said Simon Grabowski. “Webinars add a powerful new dimension to their marketing capabilities, at a price that’s affordable for companies of any size.”

With the addition of webinars, GetResponse is now positioned to serve a broader spectrum of online marketers:

  • Online coaches can use webinars to build their personal brand with complete training programs, all on one platform.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) can use a complete, low-cost solution to add a face to their business, engage leads with exclusive content, and grow their customer base.
  • SaaS and start-up businesses can get customers involved using powerful tools for demos and onboarding.
  • Online marketers can develop new ways to engage with their audience, get qualified leads, and monetize content.