Sendwithus & Litmus Team Up to Make Transactional Emails Look Pretty


Litmus recently announced a partnership with Sendwithus aimed at improving triggered and transactional email design and testing.

Sendwithus is integrating Litmus’ Instant Previews directly within their Advanced Editor application, which will allow users instant insight and control while editing and previewing emails.

Transactional emails are considered some of the most valuable emails a company sends because they contain crucial order confirmation or transaction details. Despite their value, these emails aren’t paid the same attention as commercial marketing messages. The integration of Litmus’ Instant Previews API and Sendwithus’ Advanced Editor will give designers, marketers, developers, and IT teams the tools they need to create beautiful and functional transactional messages.

“Triggered emails often contain information critical to customers such as order status, shipping alerts, and changes,” said Justine Jordan, VP of Marketing at Litmus. “Yet, prior to this integration teams sending these emails have not had the tools to quickly see how these emails will arrive in customers’ inboxes.”

Litmus’ Instant Preview API will enable users to preview transactional messages in more than forty different email clients and apps. Email builders will have the ability to test and spot HTML and CSS bugs, and ensure graphics, links and images render correctly for every subscriber.

“We started Sendwithus to make transactional email easy for marketers, designers, and developers,” said Matt Harris, CEO and Cofounder of Sendwithus. “Integrating the Litmus Instant API gives our users full control of their customer experience: an instant preview while editing, and a view of the email exactly as it appeared on the device the customer used.”

Litmus’ Instant Previews integration is available immediately in all paid Sendwithus accounts.