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Deliverability Monitoring Solutions Feature is updated for 2016/2017. It has been nearly 3 years since I revisited and revised this post. In that time a variety of email deliverability tools have come and gone.

Yet this page after several years remains one of the most popular on the emailexpert site, clearly there is still no first choice from the SME nor the ESP. Return Path has long been seen as the leader in the field, but that comes at a premium, they have necessarily had to revise and update their tools, but still they come at a massive premium many find hard to justify.

It seems in the world of email delivery and inbox placement for all the changes, much stays the same. I know that Matt Blumberg of Return Path wrote something to a similar effect in the not so distant past. So it is that we continue to hear of problems for legitimate marketers to achieve inbox placement, the problem constant, the gravity of the issue cyclical it would seem. Also I find that one topic continues to dominate much of my initial discussions with clients and prospects, the subject of monitoring email deliverability. The checking of IP health, domain reputation and inbox placement, how to assess general delivery health and ensure monitoring and alerting systems are put in place.

Specifically; “How do we measure our/our clients inbox placement at various ISPs and what tools are available for testing and reporting on the relevant metrics? What tools are available that enable us automate the tasks involved and are they reliable?”

It seemed for a while anyone with some php coding skills and a modicum of understanding of email felt they could put together inbox placement monitoring at a dozen ISP’s and call the solution a deliverability tool. Whilst many of the other solutions that pre-existed have remained stagnant. Deliverability Watch and Emailreach being two such examples.

Long overdue, those providing a fairly rounded set of deliverability tools have been updated, it is not a comprehensive list and there other vendors that should be covered in separate posts. So here is a roundup of the current players in the marketplace in alphabetical order (if I have missed anyone please advise in the comments section).

Whilst we will provide detailed reviews and comparison charts of the various providers in due course, for the moment we wanted to share the 7 primary contenders in the email deliverability reporting and monitoring space.




This new firm is the brainchild of Greg Kraios. Positioning itself as a premium solution set, with pricing well below Return Path but far exceeding any of the other solutions mentioned here. They aim to compete with Return Path and had initially concentrated on signing up ISP’s. I no longer have any access to their toolset so I am unable to provide much insight, there was certainly a product with significant potential when I last looked at the start of this year. Find out more by visiting:

250OK Deliverability Monitoring Solutions

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