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Irritating things about Email

The annoying thing about email is we simply get too much of it and it is irrelevant spam. This infographic from the guys at ccLoop illustrates the values and benefits of email but also helps warn what the dangers are for using it badly.   Infographic by: ccLoop

Email Deliverability Benchmark Report 2011

Return Path, the market leading email reputation monitoring company, today announced the findings from its “Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 1H 2011.” The findings of the report indicate that email deliverability still plagues commercial email senders worldwide with only 81% of all permissioned email making it to the inbox. Globally, one out of every five

Sailthru Raises $8M in Funding for Tailored Email Marketing

Sailthru, a New York based startup that automatically tailors unique email content for every user, today announced that it received $8 million in Series A financing led by RRE Ventures; the firm also contributed to Sailthru’s seed investment. Other participants in the round included AOL Ventures, DFJ Gotham Ventures, Hatteras Funds, Lerer Ventures, Pilot Group,

Zoomio Goes Bankrupt: The ESP’s start to Circle

Zoomio  filed for bankruptcy earlier this month,  Zoomio is a leading Danish email service provider that was was established in 2002 by Lars Munch Johansen.  In 2007  Lars left and Per John Jensen became CEO, however Per stepped down as CEO in March 2011. Copenhagen courts are currently negotiating with potential buyers of the IP and the customer base. Zoomio has

Windsor Circle Introduces Behavioral Email to ChannelAdvisor Webstores

ChannelAdvisor, a global e-commerce platform provider, today announced a partnership with Windsor Circle to provide purchase history email integration for ChannelAdvisor Webstores customers. ChannelAdvisor Webstores customers can now add targeted email marketing capabilities instantly, allowing them to recover abandoned shopping carts, send product recommendations and segment customers based on buying behavior and purchase history. This should be

Fasthosts Warns its Clients to Quit Spamming

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, has warned UK businesses not to spam their customers with unsolicited newsletters and marketing emails. Over the past year, the company has seen an 88 per cent rise in the number of spam reports it has received, most commonly where consumers have reported business customers for sending

eConsultancy Innovation in Email Marketing Awards 2012

Econsultancy has announced the launch of the global Innovation Awards 2012, dedicated to recognising the smartest new ideas and achievements across the industry and this year will again include “Innovation in Email Marketing” last year a campaign for British Airways won the Award for e-Dialog. Deadlines for nominations are a little over a month away, entries

Behavioral Email Study: 87% of eTailers fail to utilise Cart Abandonment Email

RedEye has announced the release of their second “Behavioral Email Benchmark Study”. The study was carried out on over 200 online companies and took place between February and March 2011. Key findings include an increased use of behavioral marketing across all sectors; retail companies are sending the least behavioral emails in comparison with other sectors and

44% of Teens Agree Email Not about to Die Anytime Soon

aWeber, a provider of permission-based email marketing software to small business, offered a scholarship to the high school or undergraduate college student who best described what they think will happen to email now that so many other messaging technologies exist. A survey was held asking what they believed would happen to email. The responses were