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2015 Year in Review: Movers & Shakers

This past year has been a big one for email. Arguably email even achieved notieriety and a spot in the top ten most newsworthy events of the year, with Hillary Clinton releasing 10’s of thousands of her emails in what became known as the #EmailGate scandal. The industry itself has seen significant changes and interesting

Boost ROI with Automation Tips from StreamSend

StreamSend shares a free white paper that can help businesses build sales by  incorporating social, video, remarketing and marketing automation into their email marketing strategy. Chapters include: 1.    Adding social media to the email marketing mix 2.    Segmenting and closing the sale through marketing automation 3.    Boosting email engagement with video 4.    Extending email campaigns’ lifecycle with remarketing “Top

eCommerce Summit @Yourdesk

Join us for an exclusive line up of renowned industry speakers at this online eCommerce Summit, May 27-29 2015. We’re offering a jam-packed agenda full of insights, training and expertise –  all delivered online to you for FREE @YourDesk. LIVE  hourly sessions cover topics including email marketing, customer journey optimisation, copywriting, segmentation, personalisation, user experience

StreamSend: Franchise Email Marketing Guide

StreamSend shares a guide with franchise marketers and agencies on how to build a centralized email marketing program that boosts local sales and enhances brand loyalty while controlling the brand on a corporate level. Franchise Email Marketing: Benefits and Best Practices for a Centralized Approach lays out the key steps for success. “Knowing that emails are

Email Buyer’s Guide from Lyris

Lyris recently released the “Buyer’s Guide to Email Solutions for Publishing Media and Entertainment Companies.” The guide helps publishing, media and entertainment (PME) companies capitalize on industry best practices to effectively select and implement audience-messaging solutions that fit their unique needs and drive revenue growth. The PME industry has seen its world transformed by the

[New Case Study] Emma, Inc.

AT A GLANCE Over the past 4 years, email service provider Emma has experienced 35% annual growth in email volume from its new and existing clients. Emma’s services include email automation, audience segmentation, mobile email marketing, and integration with CRM solutions, eCommerce platforms, and social networks. Emma adopted the PowerMTA infrastructure to drive its email messaging services to 45,000-plus customers in

StreamSend: 10 Ways Email Templates Make it Easy to Reach Holiday Customers

StreamSend shows how agencies and marketers can use email templates to easily create holiday email marketing campaigns that attract leads and generate sales during the 2014 holiday season. “The holidays are a busy time for marketers and consumers alike,” said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “Marketers not only have to fight for consumers’ attention, they need

Holiday Email Marketing Playbook by GetResponse

GetResponse has released a playbook designed to help marketers navigate the holiday shopping waters and boost end-of-year sales. In this new white paper, the GetResponse team explains the tactics that will help businesses stand out from their competition, build lasting customer relationships, and, of course, drive those end-of-year sales. The playbook reveals that online shopping this

Getting the Call-To-Action right for email

There are 3 main steps in the conversion process within email. 1: Convert to open 2: Convert to click 3: Convert to final objective (generally on landing page) In this post, we’re focusing on #2 and #3. When creating call-to-actions, be mindful of the fact that email is a Push Channel and the website is

StreamSend: Reach Holiday Customers with Mobile & Video Emails

StreamSend shows how agencies and marketers can use mobile and video emails to create holiday email marketing campaigns that attract leads and generate sales during the 2014 holiday season. “Today’s connected consumers are already a moving target for marketers,” said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “But as consumers go into hyper-drive during the holidays and events


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