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Recipient Re-Engagement… Danger! Danger!

If your up to date with email marketing best practice and ROI maximisation you are sure to have noticed one of the latest fads that is currently in vogue “the reconnection” or “re-engagement” campaign. With the big B2C ISPs focussing more on recipient engagement to allocate reputation and deliverability, chopping off the people who just

Strangers to Fans.. From Search to Subscriber

Most digital marketing budget is focussed on getting new business: like getting high in search rankings and appearing in ads on the right sites (& never buy an email list!). All of these result in directing people to your web-site, preferably dedicated landing pages based on the source and reason for the traffic. So basically converting

What to like and where to share

It has become quite the thing to get social share links into emails. Often called SWYN  an abbreviation of “share with your network”. The idea is to provide as many viral options as possible for recipients to spread the word. ReTweet to tweet a link to everyone who follows you and Facebook Like are the


The Anatomy of Email #2: Pre-headers and more

There’s a lot to think about when building an email; headers, footers, testing and of course the content itself.  Here’s Part 2 in ‘Email Anatomy’ series, where Andy Thorpe from Pure360 takes you through the from name, reviewing the preview pane appearance and pre-headers. From name This is the bit in the inbox that shows


The Anatomy of Email: Subject Lines

Subject lines are what get you the opens. There is lots of advice about subject lines and it is the most popular bit of an email to test, this is so you get to find out what works for you.  Here are some key takeaways for you to help your email marketing out… Length Most


Email Marketing Implementation Strategy for Charities

There is no question that digital messaging affords huge opportunities for charities, just last year The Red Cross raised in excess of $30 million via mobile. Over the christmas period experiential marketing agency Switch raised in excess of $16,000 in one email campaign for a small charity in St. Louis and as we come to


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