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ESP Forums: A Scarce Commodity

Forums are discussion boards, also known as message boards, that enable members of a site to interact with each other by exchanging knowledge and discussing hot topics related to specific industries. Forums save and post specific information about particular topics, which creates active, specialized, and high-quality discussion environments. However, in the ESP community, forums are

Queue Prioritisation: New Rules of Engagement

As demands for digital messaging grow more complex, the need for feature-rich and sophisticated email infrastructure becomes increasingly apparent.  Commercial/Carrier grade MTAs must offer innovative, intelligent features that will accommodate the changing topography of the messaging world. The increase in queue sizes makes delivering time sensitive emails more difficult, as does possible congestion due to temporary


Email Industry 2011: Three key trends

Every business trend originates because a collection of companies has successfully developed a solution to a core business issue.  For most of these trends, there is an “a-ha” moment, after which they lose their “trendiness” and become more established practices.  Subsequently, each company is evaluated on its merits.  The email ecosystem is no different. Future


Ethics and Economy: What it means for email

Moving forward within our email solar system, we can begin to make out the next frontier on the horizon.  At the center of this brave new world is a term that remains relatively obscure today: Ethonomics, or the study of ethics in the marketplace.  Ethonomics is a conditional term given to the concept of defining


Blue Sky Factory selects PowerMTA for better deliverability

PRESS RELEASE | Email delivery gateway software market leader Port25 Solutions, Inc. today announced that PowerMTA, its flagship product, has been adopted by Blue Sky Factory, a 2010, 2009, and 2008 Inc. magazine 5000 fastest-growing company and one of the largest US email service providers. Blue Sky Factory Director of Deliverability Ken Pfeiffer says, “Our clients

"What's in a name?" "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet."

The great bard on email reputation

The term “reputation,” in the sense meaning a person’s “good name,” dates only from the mid-sixteenth century and the phrase “spotless reputation” seems to originate from the same period.  In Shakespeare’s Richard II, Thomas Mowbray, the Duke of Norfolk, insists that The purest treasure mortal times afford is spotless reputation: that away, Men are but

A night at the email Museum

A night at the email museum

In the hearts and minds of ESPs, ISPs, and just about every proponent of legitimate email, there lies a deep desire to rid the world of spam.  To accomplish this noble goal, I recommend the construction and acceptance of a neoclassical structure known as the International Email Museum.  The museum currently exists only inside my


Dispelling the myth of deliverability magic & the standardisation of email metrics

If you are a regular visitor to you will know that I am a firm advocate of the standardisation of email metrics. It is hard for a business to compare stats from various ESP’s when the way in which they are recorded are so different. You will also be aware of the ground being gained by the Email Experience Council in trying to set a standard for ESP’s and others to follow (I feel we should all lobby our software vendors to adopt these same standards, companies like Octeth and Interspire).

The following article is Fred Tabsharani’s take on the whole issue of the standardisation of email metrics.

Emails Lone Ranger: The deliverability consultant

The Deliverability Consultant: Emails’ Lone Ranger

There is a growing subculture emerging in the Email Industry.   This narrow subculture is built around the role of the Email Deliverability consultant.  These email folk heroes often hold “silver bullets” that dramatically alleviate problems caused by poor email deliverability.  Whether it’s resolving sender reputation issues, aligning sectors of your email program to meet legal compliance, or ensuring


Three Reasons Why Email Senders Divorce ESPs

Usually, before a couple marries, they engage in hundreds of intimate, layered conversations, in an effort to establish realistic expectations and build a foundation for a successful marriage.  The same principle can and should apply in the context of a business partnership.  As with any partner, in business or otherwise, at the outset of each


Measurement Accuracy Roundtable Update

For the past few years, the eec’s Measurement Accuracy Roundtable has been conscientiously working to standardize email metrics. Standardizing these metrics is crucial to improving the quality of reporting and to enhance the creditability of the email industry. As part of the standardization goal, the Roundtable seeks congruent email reporting across existing Email Service Providers.