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Port25 Enrolled 25 Email Vendors in 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we thought we’d mention a resonating metric that has become a foundation for our growth over the past 5 years. In looking at some data, in 2013 we’ve added more than 25 cloud based Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation Companies (MACs) to our Port25 network.  We had  a 74%

The Digital Investors Dream Portfolio

There was a good article published  recently by Fred Wilson who is a VC and principal of Union Square Ventures. He talks about companies that are valued in the billions.  It’s called the Billion Dollar Valuation Club.  Check it out.  It’s a nice segue into my article here.  In summary, over the last 10 years only

A New Paradigm in Deliverability: IP Allocation by Recipient Status

The following post looks at an innovative delivery approach on how we can use behavioral data to increase sender reputation.   I’d like to introduce you to Steve Henderson of Communicator  He’s head of deliverability for a well known ESP based in the UK.  Our  goal is to position this post as an “ideas” platform rather than

Email Service Providers: Who sent the most email?  monitors the Top 100 senders by IP and by Network.  It collects collects data on more than 30 percent of the world’s email and web traffic. This network data is more than 10 times larger than that of other monitoring systems and we feel the volume provides a statistically significant sample size, resulting in immediate and

ESP Forums: A Scarce Commodity

Forums are discussion boards, also known as message boards, that enable members of a site to interact with each other by exchanging knowledge and discussing hot topics related to specific industries. Forums save and post specific information about particular topics, which creates active, specialized, and high-quality discussion environments. However, in the ESP community, forums are

Queue Prioritisation: New Rules of Engagement

As demands for digital messaging grow more complex, the need for feature-rich and sophisticated email infrastructure becomes increasingly apparent.  Commercial/Carrier grade MTAs must offer innovative, intelligent features that will accommodate the changing topography of the messaging world. The increase in queue sizes makes delivering time sensitive emails more difficult, as does possible congestion due to temporary


Email Industry 2011: Three key trends

Every business trend originates because a collection of companies has successfully developed a solution to a core business issue.  For most of these trends, there is an “a-ha” moment, after which they lose their “trendiness” and become more established practices.  Subsequently, each company is evaluated on its merits.  The email ecosystem is no different. Future


Ethics and Economy: What it means for email

Moving forward within our email solar system, we can begin to make out the next frontier on the horizon.  At the center of this brave new world is a term that remains relatively obscure today: Ethonomics, or the study of ethics in the marketplace.  Ethonomics is a conditional term given to the concept of defining


Blue Sky Factory selects PowerMTA for better deliverability

PRESS RELEASE | Email delivery gateway software market leader Port25 Solutions, Inc. today announced that PowerMTA, its flagship product, has been adopted by Blue Sky Factory, a 2010, 2009, and 2008 Inc. magazine 5000 fastest-growing company and one of the largest US email service providers. Blue Sky Factory Director of Deliverability Ken Pfeiffer says, “Our clients

"What's in a name?" "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet."

The great bard on email reputation

The term “reputation,” in the sense meaning a person’s “good name,” dates only from the mid-sixteenth century and the phrase “spotless reputation” seems to originate from the same period.  In Shakespeare’s Richard II, Thomas Mowbray, the Duke of Norfolk, insists that The purest treasure mortal times afford is spotless reputation: that away, Men are but


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