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Nigerian Phishing Scammer Jailed for 3 Years

A 29-year-old Nigerian national was jailed on Friday 13 December 2013, for his part in a sophisticated phishing scam that targeted hundreds of UK students, using their compromised data to steal in excess of £1.5 million. He has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for conspiracy to defraud and nine months imprisonment for money laundering, to run

5 Most Popular Phishing Subject Lines

Security researchers at Websense have researched phishing emails from the first 9 months of 2013 and determined that the top five subject lines in worldwide phishing emails are as follows…   5 Most Popular Phishing Subject Lines 1. Invitation to connect on LinkedIn 2. Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender 3. Dear Customer 4.

Texas Communications Chief Sells San Antonio Email Database

ExpressNews has reported that San Antonio Texas police are questioning Roger L. Legrand, formerly communications chief for Elisa Chan currently Texas Senate candidate, due to allegations that he sold a taxpayer-funded email database. The city is requesting permission to withhold documents sought by the San Antonio Express-News because they’re part of an ongoing criminal investigation tied to Legrand,

Movable Ink Appoints Ali Byrd as CFO

Movable Ink has announced the appointment of finance and technology industry veteran, Ali Byrd, as Chief Financial Officer. “With more than 100 major brands on our client roster and a headcount that has tripled in the past year, our company is growing at an incredible pace,” said Vivek Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of Movable Ink. “Ali

Australia Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Spam Act

Whilst Canada is just coming to the party, the Australian Communications and Media Authority today reflects on 10 years of anti-spam regulation in Australia. The Spam Act, which regulates the sending of marketing emails, SMS and instant messages, was enacted on 12 December 2003. ‘This was ground-breaking legislation—one of the first of its type in the

Yahoo Mail Outage Enters Third Day

An outage at a large webmail provider rarely lasts long enough to be worthy of reporting, however according to the Y! the problem still persists three days later in this instance. Effectively varying numbers of users have been unable to login to their email accounts since Monday of this week. In the last couple of

Video in Email Drives Greater ROI

According to recent research from eMarketer, which provides marketers with key information about the state of the digital marketplace, around half of marketers who use video in email campaigns,  see increased click-through rates, increased time spent reading the email and increased sharing and forwarding. Also, just over half of marketing professionals cited video as the

Finnish ESP ‘Liana’ Launches in Russia & UAE

Liana Technologies Opens Sales Offices in Moscow and Dubai – Marketing and PR Cloud Services Expanding Liana Technologies Oy, a global cloud-based ESP, has opened sales offices in Moscow and Dubai. The company has unveiled its multilingual user interface enabling marketers around the world to use Liana platforms in their native languages including Arabic, Chinese

ChiaraMail Appoints David Head as CMO

ChiaraMail, the company that uses its patented Envelope-Content Splitting™ technology to enhance email clients, today named David Head as its Chief Marketing Officer. “In the last 20 years not much has changed with email even though it is still our primary digital communication tool especially for businesses. Envelope-Content Splitting™ from ChiaraMail is a breakthrough technology which adds greater privacy

Everything Holiday: Email Marketing Holiday HQ

 VerticalResponse, has announced the VerticalResponse Everything Holiday site, a holiday email marketing and social media headquarters, offering free resources for industry professionals to get ready for the holiday season. The site includes: Email Subject Line Generator: Generates over a dozen subject lines for any holiday, occasion or offer. Holiday Email Templates: Select from an array of seasonal categories, from Thanksgiving to