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Email Marketing Automation Top on 2014 Wishlists

Email Marketing Automation tops CMO’s 2014 wish-lists according to a recent j2 Global Forecast Survey,” 28.16% of small business professionals say increasing their online presence, such as setting up a website or online store, is a top 2014 marketing priority. Other New Year’s resolutions include adopting email marketing automation to easily and efficiently reach customers (23.61%), using

StreamSend Identifies Franchise Marketing Niche

StreamSend has announced a Franchise Marketing Automation application, offering the ability to deliver personalised campaigns for individual franchise locations, building and creating local customer relationships. “For many franchises, leveraging a consistent brand image with timely campaigns while connecting locally has been a tricky balancing act,” said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “Even the best

Turkish eCommerce Doubling in Size: Intershop JV with ESP euro.message

Intershop  has partnered with euro.message a leading Turkish email marketing provider with a view to servicing the email marketing needs of customers in Turkey, Europe and Middle-Eastern countries. euro.message’s marketing campaign software will be integrated with Intershop’s leading commerce platform, so that retailers can manage their campaigns directly from the Intershop platform. The partnership synergies will

Join the Fight Against Spam: Abusix Needs You!

The project started almost two years ago and when it did the founder Tobias Knecht really was really not too sure what to expect. However in less than 2 short years has developed into a real success story! is currently receiving up to 2 million spam and phishing emails per day through redirected domain

Nigerian Phishing Scammer Jailed for 3 Years

A 29-year-old Nigerian national was jailed on Friday 13 December 2013, for his part in a sophisticated phishing scam that targeted hundreds of UK students, using their compromised data to steal in excess of £1.5 million. He has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for conspiracy to defraud and nine months imprisonment for money laundering, to run