Great email call to action example – from a phisher


Even the criminals are looking to improve their results though better creative design. I was intrigued to receive this phishing email today as it shows some clear email marketing best practice.

Phising email example creative
Call to action buttons c/o Royal Bank of Canada

In particular the two very clear, well placed call to action buttons caught my eye. I also liked the fact that two options were given so that all readers had one that applied to them. Of course given this is a phishing email I wouldn’t expect anyone to be clicking the ‘That was me’.

Given this email was a cut above the average poor quality phishing email I dissected it further. What I found was that the two buttons were in fact linked directly from the Royal Bank of Canada website. Its clear the email is a rip-off of a similar Royal Bank of Canada email but changed to Lloyds TSB.

In case you wanted to know, both buttons went to the same place.

If this was a real email I can see several improvements that could improve click-through rate. For the sake of not wishing to help phishers I’m not publishing them here. If you would like to know, contact me and I will share them with you, assuming you are of course a legitimate and legal marketer. I’m not looking to move to the dark side!

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