iContact Reveals Small Business Owners Hate Groupon

iContact has announced that one out of every four small business owners surveyed hate Groupon but it is ok they hate social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn just as much. Negative comments varied from “it seems like an enormous time commitment” to “it has nothing to do with the merit of the business, but who can manipulate the system.

Facebook received 76% love votes while Groupon is hated by 70% of the small business customers surveyed.

How the major platforms fared:

· Facebook feels the love: While 76%of respondents favour Facebook, there are still a few haters. For example, only a third of small business owners in finance and insurance are fond of the social network. The biggest Facebook fans are non-profits (87%) and education (82 %).

· Haters hate on Groupon: 70% of small businesses hate Groupon. 80% of financial services/investors disliked it the most. Considering the love consumers have for $10 mani/pedis, it may not surprise anyone that Groupon had less hate from professional services, like spas and salons (45%).

· Tepid about Twitter: Small business owners were split on Twitter, with 54% loving it while the other 46% hating it. Digging deeper, the largest group to “hate” Twitter were businesses with fewer than 25 employees; whereas the largest group to “love” Twitter were companies reporting more than $100 million in revenue.

· Gray area with Google +: The new Google service has left small business owners undecided. 48% love it while 52% are not convinced.

· LinkedIn is likeable: 63% percent of respondents were fans of the professional networking site. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees loved LinkedIn the most. The professional services sector harboured the biggest fan base, with a whopping 82% declaring their love for LinkedIn.

“Small business owners are a great barometer for these social products and platforms, because when something helps them hire, sell, or otherwise proves valuable, they’re passionate proponents,” says iContact CEO Ryan Allis Allis. “But when they are strapped for money and time, they’re quick to say if something is not worth the investment of either.”

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