2015 Holiday Email Marketing Trends [Infographic]

Strongview Holiday Survey

The infographic below shows email remains a strong and growing marketing channel. Half of all email marketers in a recent survey by Strongview report that they will increase their email marketing budget for the 2016 holiday season compared to only 1.5% percent that are planning on decreasing their spend, others will maintain their current spend.

Advertisers do plan to use some targeting to improve the performance of their promotional messaging. More than one third (39%) of marketers listed segmentation and targeting as their top tactic for the holidays, while more than half (56%,) listed it in their top three planned tactics. However, few marketers listed more advanced tactics like open-time personalization (21%) offer testing (21%) and video in email (11%). Additionally, only 38% listed “using more data to improve relevancy” as one of their top three tactics.

More than a third cited “increasing subscriber engagement” as their primary goal for 2016 and plan to use such tactics as mobile app push marketing and location-based mobile messaging to do so. In fact, nearly a quarter of marketers (24%) already use location data in their email programs.

Dive into the 2016 Marketing Trends Survey with an infographic highlighting key results.

Strongview-Selligent_2015 Holiday Email_Info_Final


The full results of StrongView’s 2015 Marketing Trends Survey is available here: www.strongview.com/2015HolidayTrendsSurvey