LinkedIn optimise their premium invite emails


Last month on the DMA email blog I looked at how LinkedIn had made many changes to improve response from their Premium membership upsell emails. Here’s the annotated email showing the content and why it works


I’ve just had another LinkedIn email and they have added one more benefit, there are now four benefit bullets, a new first benefit “Who’s Viewed Your Profile – see the full list”.

LinkedIn Premium Invite Email - one more benefit added

Nothing else has changed so this is a minor optimisation this time. What else could LinkedIn do?

  • Subject line. Test focus on the benefits of Premium rather than just the free. After all, free isn’t worth anything if you don’t want whats on offer for free.
  • Headline. Link the headline through to the landing page.
  • Benefits copy. Re-visit the copy. For example, “Search better, with premium filters and 7x more results in every search”. I don’t want more search results, I want fewer and more accurate, relevant results that give me answers quickly.

What would you do to improve this email further?


  1. Hi Tim,

    I believe they could improve the performance of the email by using a more “graphic” bullet list. Do you have any experience in this?


    • Interesting idea, it would certainly make it more attractive. I’ve not specifically tested a graphic bullet vs a plain bullet. Have you?
      My inclination is that its a small change that would add to the look but not strongly to the messaging so uplift would be small.
      Something like little green ticks to give a positive feel to the benefits perhaps? Certainly this is used plenty on webpages, so we might assume that someone has tested and proved its worthwhile!

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