Lyris Updates EDM Platform Lyris HQ & ListManager

Lyris has announced a series of upgrades to its  digital marketing applications, Lyris HQ and Lyris ListManager (LM). Available today, the new releases deliver refreshed user interfaces, advanced message targeting and delivery management features amongst other improvements. Lyris HQ is one of the EDM platforms unaffected by recent open tracking issues at Gmail as reported on Twitter.



“We continue to invest in our core products with a specific focus on empowering our customers to manage data and application workflow integration across the enterprise,” said Alex Lustberg, CMO of Lyris. “These additions, combined with our recently announced product extensions for Real-Time Retargeting and Retention Automation, represent an important breakthrough.”

Lyris was also named a silver winner in the Best in Biz Awards 2013 for Support Department of the Year. Lyris was selected for its outstanding customer support and expert assistance in solving email and digital marketing challenges.

“This award recognizes our knowledgeable support team and underscores our commitment to ensuring that our customers realize the full value of our platform,” said Pamela Sogge, senior vice president of customer success for Lyris.

New Enhancements to Digital Marketing Applications

Lyris HQ 3.6 integrates email, social, mobile and real-time Web analytics to maximize the effectiveness of high-volume, complex campaigns. The release includes a new and contemporary user interface that enriches the way users access its advanced email and digital marketing automation functions. It also delivers improvements to permissioning and reporting capabilities that enable marketers to more effectively plan and measure campaign success.

Lyris ListManager 12 on-premises email marketing software also received a refreshed user interface that enhances an email marketer’s product experience, and streamlines the way they plan, manage and execute digital campaigns. The release also allows users to precisely control proactive and reactive throttling of mail sends, dramatically improving the deliverability of high-volume campaigns.

The founder of, Andrew Bonar currently resides not far from Sydney in Australia where he performs his primary role as Postmaster for self-service ESP Campaign Monitor

In the past two years alone Andrew has been responsible for the delivery of in excess of 120 Billion messages. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Andrew is widely recognised as a leader in the field of message sending, deliverability and compliance.

In 1996, he co-founded the UK’s oldest privately held ISP, Cheapnet Ltd. In 1998, launched the UK’s first privately held eCommerce payment systems: eBanx Ltd, and in 2003 he launched two of the very first ESP’s in Europe: MailPhoenix and eMailGenie.

From 2006 Andrew served as an independent consultant at organisations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US. More recently serving as Worldwide Director of Deliverability at Emailvision, managing deliverability operations in 22 Countries. Andrew continues developing and evangelising best practices in permission-based marketing with clients and industry associations and travels extensively in Asia, Europe and North America to fulfil these obligations.


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