Responsys Strengthens Asia-Pacific Foothold


Responsys has been busy in the last 12 months expanding its APAC footprint, ahead of an IPO planned for later this year. Initially in July announcing a 51% majority stake purchase in eServices Australia, subsequently opening an office and development hub in Bangalore India in November, and then  Simon O’Day a co-founder and Managing Director of eServices announced that Responsys had acquired a 100% stake in the business. Not only can this be seen as an indication of Responsys’ commitment to the APAC region but its firm belief in the future of cross-channel digital messaging.

The sale of Eservices to Responsys was announced on Twitter by Simon (@SimonOz) “a bit of news of significant importance – Eservices is now 100% Responsys. Exciting times.”


“Responsys is always looking for attractive opportunities to expand globally,” said Dan Springer, Chief Executive Officer of Responsys in a recent press release.

Simon O’Day, now ‘Director – Australia’ for Responsys speaking to EmailExpert was in a buoyant mood today. He explained the sale  to us “We have had a fantastic reaction to the Responsys involvement with our business, with Australian companies recognising the value of globally-leading technology with a locally based services team. Having spent the past 10 years building Eservices into Australia’s largest and most successful email company, I’m very excited about continuing this leadership with Responsys.”

The purchase was a shrewd move on the part of Responsys who can now include the company’s present array of key Australian clients. Clients include notable local and global household brands, names like: Qantas, News Digital Media, AFL Bigpond, Dulux, BMW, NAB, Flybuys, Hotelclub, Vodafone, AAMI and National Australia Bank. As Springer states “As we were looking to expand in the overall Asia-Pacific market, it was clear that Eservices is the undisputed leader.”

Undoubtedly Eservices was one of the countries leading and most experienced Email Services Providers, they were an agency who truly got email and digital messaging and offered deep cross channel experience in areas such as mobile, social media, online promotion and web development. It will be interesting to see how the American brand fares in Australia, the fact there is a significant local presence should make it much more feasible to do business in a country which traditionally likes to invest with locally owned business and service providers.


“A Bangalore office provides access to some of the top engineers outside of the U.S. We’ll continue to invest in excellent people to help us continue to deliver the innovative products our customers expect from Responsys” said Dan Springer, Chief Executive Officer of Responsys. As a development hub, the new office in Bangalore provides Responsys with access to a wealth of local talent in the region.

Helping to expand the company’s presence in the region, Srishti Sofat has taken the role of General Manager of Responsys Business Solutions India Private Limited, reporting to Antonio Casacuberta, Chief Technology Officer. Until recently Sofat was at InfoSpace, pivotal in leading InfoSpace’s development center in India. A recent press release indicated that “Sofat brings … a local network of talented engineers to Responsys” indicating others may have left InfoSpace to join Sofat at Responsys.

“A local presence in India is an important move for Responsys,” said Casacuberta. “We are especially thrilled to have Srishti join the team. Her past experience running large development teams makes her a natural fit.”

Confirming its commitment to the cross-channel message, Sofat recently said, “Through our Bangalore center, we will be able to accelerate the development of solutions for our global customers and help them capitalize on today’s most important marketing channels such as email, mobile, social, and the web to drive higher revenue.”

The Future

This expansion will only serve to bolster the recent Responsys  proposal for an IPO (initial public offering of its common stock). As the number of shares to be offered and the price range for the offering have not yet been determined we are likely to be hearing more from Responsys in the near future as it maximises its potential value in any IPO.

The founder of, Andrew Bonar currently resides not far from Sydney in Australia where he performs his primary role as Postmaster for self-service ESP Campaign Monitor

In the past two years alone Andrew has been responsible for the delivery of in excess of 120 Billion messages. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Andrew is widely recognised as a leader in the field of message sending, deliverability and compliance.

In 1996, he co-founded the UK’s oldest privately held ISP, Cheapnet Ltd. In 1998, launched the UK’s first privately held eCommerce payment systems: eBanx Ltd, and in 2003 he launched two of the very first ESP’s in Europe: MailPhoenix and eMailGenie.

From 2006 Andrew served as an independent consultant at organisations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US. More recently serving as Worldwide Director of Deliverability at Emailvision, managing deliverability operations in 22 Countries. Andrew continues developing and evangelising best practices in permission-based marketing with clients and industry associations and travels extensively in Asia, Europe and North America to fulfil these obligations.


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