Annual Member Drive

We hold an annual membership drive, the last time we had one was May 2021 where we raised in excess of $50,000.

We exceeded our commitments to our members and objectives and targets we set out for 2021/2022. Delivering over 100 Mentoring Connections, 4 in person events, 4 hybrid event experiences and the relaunch of the emailexpert website with support for promoting consultants and sharing hundreds of hours of video content free with the community.

As a result of your support we were able to make in-person events commercially viable and secure them for the foreseeable future. We would like to achieve the same for the online elements of our events, as well as expanding the content and reach of the website.

We have massive plans for 2023 and look forward to bringing you even more great content, learning and community online and in person.

To continue our growth and accelerate our current trajectory we are looking for at least 100 individuals and 50 companies to join us at supporter level or above in our 2022/23 membership drive. That would not only enable us to cover our essential operating costs, further secure our brand protection around emailexpert and also hire two more members to our team, a full time writer and part time community manager. If we surprise ourselves and achieve 100,00 we will invest in additional hardware which will mean we commit to every event having an online/hybrid element going forward through to 2025.

We know this is a lot to ask the community but we are looking to build a legacy and those registering in this member drive will be memorialised forever on our Patron members page on including a link back to your social media profile or website.

2023 Membership Drive Milestones

Many of our members are extremely generous but want to be sure that the money they invest in membership will result in a community that is more accessible and that barriers to participation are lowered whenever possible. We have set out milestones with how we plan to invest that membership income and what we commit to give back to the community as a result of achieving our milestones.

Reach £20,000 * secure additional brand protection that is urgently required // Provide 50 ‘sponsored’ memberships
Reach £45,000 * secure a full time copywriter for emailexpert group of sites // Offer 4 sponsored event entries
Reach £65,000 secure a part time community & social media manager //
Reach £100,000 secure A/V Hardware // Commit to streaming a minimum of 60 hours per year live
Target £149,000 secure a full time event manager // Commit to publishing 250 original posts on per year

* Excludes Pledges (Guaranteed Membership Renewals that fall due after March 1 2023)