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We are a paid membership community, looking to offer our members professional support, certification, learning and meeting opportunities. Members also benefit from access to a suite of AI tools, year round community events and more.
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Member Benefits

Industry Resources

Exclusive access to webinars, podcasts, white papers, and other digital assets, including a suite of AI assistants.

Networking opportunities

Provide members with the chance to connect with other professionals through live events, in-person and online, online forums, and Slack.

Exclusive Discounts

Members discounts tools, services, solutions and products.

Expert Advice & Training

Access to expert advice, mentorship, and coaching. Through our EmailMentors Program and emailexpert Academy.

Certification programs

Educational programs and certifications to demonstrate and validate members’ knowledge and skills.

Inaugural Committee Members

Members in alphabetical order as of Jan 8 2023: Abusix, 
Florin Armasu, Denys Batsaiev, Kate Barrett, Priya Bransfield, Tobias Brusegard, Jennifer Cannon,, Irena Deineka, Chris Donald, Mohsin Farooqui, Thomas Fauser, Laurent Garnier, Luke Glasner, Kristen Haines, Martin Halama, Halon, Scott Hardigree, Dmytro Homoniuk, Kickbox, Bjoern Koester, Nick Koreck, Matthew Lankford, Adriana Leonte, Anna Levitin, Beata Linz, Mailkit, Irina Manolova, Anne-Sophie Marsh, Ivan Maltsev, Ernst Nijhuis, Jakub Olexa, Omnivery, Pierre Pignault, Tilak ‘Bobby’ Pujari, Shaun Shindenwolf, Red Sift, Teresa Smith, Fanni Somogyi, Spamhaus, Sam Sykes, Burak Tatlisert, Eefje van der Gronden, Kindra Wyatt-Pascall, Sella Yoffe, Natalia Zacholska.

Our founder Sponsors from 2019Netcore Cloud, SparkPost, Mailmonitor, EmailOversight, Sensorpro, Email Industries, Let’sTalk Strategy and ActionRocket 

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