emailexpert Membership

We are not an industry association nor are we a trade union although we may at times perform similar functions.
We are an independent, privately held membership organisation, with a mission to provide “Your Voice in Email”. We are committed to provide a more diverse and inclusive community that powers up our members careers in email and lives beyond email.

We do this with programs offering advocacy, certification, education, mentoring, networking, online platforms, training and more.

Emailexpert Membership Levels

We have always aimed to level the playing field wherever possible, within the constraints of remaining commercially viable and valuable to our community. It has always therefore been a central tent of our work that emailexpert is not a pay to play community. This means everyone whether an individual, company or organisation has the ability to access and leverage our network, community and platforms.

In the interests of living up to our commitments and providing a diverse community we do provide free associate memberships to both private individuals and companies . This requires registration on, following our community rules and guidelines at all times. We have an expectation that free members will make additional effort to promote our community and be meaningful contributors.

Pricing [Professionals]

Associate Free
Supporter 147 charged annually | Discounts for Unemployed, Students and Others
Professional 295 charged annually | Discounts for Students & Academics
Executive 795 charged annually | Discounts for Academics – Limited to 30 Memberships a year

Pricing [Companies and Organisations]

Corporate Associate: Free | As per terms for registration (Open year round, subject to availability)
Corporate Supporter: 995 charged annually | Limited to 50 orgs in 2023 (Open year round, subject to availability)
Full Corporate Member: 2,495 charged annually | Limited to 12 orgs in 2023
Enterprise Member: 3,995 charged annually | Limited to 12 memberships a year
Committee Member: 9,950 charged annually | Discounts by Invitation – STRINGENT Application Process and Limited to 6 new memberships a year

All Pricing may be subject to VAT

Membership Opening Again Soon

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