Levelup 2023

2023/24 Membership Drive

Emailexpert is an innovative and ambitious organisation dedicated to creating a more diverse and equitable professional membership organisation for the international email community. We are passionate about providing quality training and qualifications that can be accessed both in-person and online, as well as offering services that benefit everyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, physical location or financial situation. Furthermore we are committee to making our content more accessible to those with disabilities. 

We want to create an environment in which all voices are heard, respected and valued. In addition, we strive to be at the forefront of email technology advancements and offer a platform for debate and discussion on the latest trends and topics. We are committed to raising the profile of email professionals globally, and we aim to create equal opportunities for all people working in the industry 

We invite you to join us in our mission of driving progress and making a real difference within the industry. We hope that by working together we can create a stronger, more inclusive and better-connected network of email professionals.


Our vision is to create an inclusive environment for everyone, no matter their background or financial situation. To achieve this we have already made significant progress over the past 18 months: we now have over 300 videos and presentations available for free to view; hosted online events for over 4000 delegates; brought together 400 people together in person; created a community website which allows every business to list their organisation for free; planned further events across Europe & UK next year plus we are in the process of hiring a part time Senior VP who will help us level up our operations. 


We would like your generous donation towards the emailexpert fundraiser campaign so that we can continue on this journey by hiring organisational leaders, funding our online and in-person training projects in Croydon (London) as well as moving to Croydon, a deprived area of London with a view to ensuring our organisation is always giving back. 

Your support will bridge the gap between individuals from different backgrounds – allowing them access quality training & qualifications they would otherwise not be able obtain – while helping us make our vision of creating an inclusive professional membership organisation come true! 

We need to raise £50,000 in annual commitments in order to realise our vision. This money would be used for hiring organisational leaders, conducting online and in-person training projects in Croydon (London), and moving to Croydon. Additionally, the money will also be utilised to cover the costs associated with hosting events across Europe and the UK next year as well as for any other costs associated with achieving our goals.  

Your generous support will make it possible for us to continue on this journey towards creating an inclusive professional membership organisation! 

Thank you in advance.  We look forward to making a positive impact in the email industry together! Companies wanting to pledge and recieve an invoice please simply reach out to hello@emailexpert.org

Thank you again for your generosity!

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Associate Membership

£8 a month/350 Available

Corporate Membership

£399 a year/50 Available

Corporate Membership

£995 a year/50 Available

Committee Membership

£4,950 a year/10 Available

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