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2024 Emailexpert Consortium Members

Our marketing consortium is a powerhouse of collaboration and support, generously contributing to our marketing budgets and amplifying the reach of our various initiatives. Comprising both established industry leaders and disruptive newcomers, the consortium offers unparalleled access to thought leadership, cutting-edge trends, and invaluable resources.

We are especially proud to have the backing of a diverse array of international organisations, ranging from vendors and agencies to blocklists and other specialised email enterprises. This diversity enriches the Emailexpert community, providing our members with a comprehensive understanding of the email ecosystem.

By being a part of our consortium, members gain exclusive insights into industry trends, direct access to thought leaders, and the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of email enterprises. It’s more than just financial support; it’s a partnership that drives innovation and success for all involved.

Business Members

Full Members

  • Adrian Nabarro
  • Aleksandra Czamańska
  • Silvia Reseghetti
  • Denys Batsaiev
  • Dmytro Homoniuk
  • Sergey Syerkin
  • Sara Noyes
  • Laurent Dupe
  • Thomas Fauser
  • Kate Barrett
  • Bram Van Daele
  • Robert Scanlon

Associate Members

  • Anna Levitin
  • Anne-Sophie Marsh
  • Arjan Shabani
  • Bjoern Koester
  • Ceren Cetin
  • Damian Lilla
  • Edson Oliveira
  • Ekkehard Gümbel
  • Ernst Nijhuis
  • Florin Armasu
  • Granit Nikq
  • Ieva Poniškaitytė
  • Igor Tittel
  • Yanna-Torry Aspraki
  • Ivan Maltsev
  • Joanna Masorz-Soboń
  • Jonas Gottschalck
  • Josef Wein
  • Kindra Wyatt-Pascall
  • Lucija Vihar
  • Martin Cisar
  • Martyna Jonska
  • Matan Kehat
  • Matthew Grove
  • Nick Koreck
  • Richard Beun
  • Robert Preskar
  • Rohit Chugh
  • Ruth Cheesley
  • Sally Roth
  • Sara Koziello
  • Sarra Papadopoulou
  • Silvia Fiat
  • Tautvidas Sipavicius
  • Teun Sluijs
  • Tomaž Štucin
  • Uldis Tifenbergs
  • Victor Loang Egidius Tjeng Siok

Lifetime Patron Members

  • Keith Kouzmanoff
  • Tobias Brusegard
  • Shaun Shindenwolf
  • Adriana Leonte 
  • Laurent Garnier
  • Tilak ‘Bobby’ Pujari
  • Burak Tatlisert
  • Kristen Haines
  • Luke Glasner
  • Scott Hardigree
  • Chris Donald

Founding Sponsors

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