Full Membership

Full members get enhanced access to our training and certifications. Full membership of emailexpert is more than a financial commitment to the furtherance of our orgs and its aims.

This level of membership carries recognition and status in and of itself. It is open to industry professionals with a minimum of 3 years experience or are required to hold at least one certification from emailexpert. New members are provided 6 months to achieve this.

We require full members to agree to our pledge and abide by the members code of conduct. This membership is available to individuals only, are non-transferrable.

Enhanced Certification and Accreditations

Qualifying Members instantly qualify for a certification available in various formats:

  • Full Member Certificate for sharing on Social Media
  • Full Member Accreditation that can be integrated into your Linkedin Profile
  • Full Member Badge for your site or blog with one click validation at certified.emailexpert.com

On completing self assessments and declarations a number of additional certifications are made available by invitation (you can request an invitation). Incorrect self accreditation may result in termination of membership with no refunds due. 

Enhanced Professional Visibility

Full members are offered a number of ways to increase their professional visibility. Preferential consideration for speaking at our events online and in person. Full members are also invited to submit qualifying blog posts to emailexpert for publication on our website and promotion across social media.

Full Academy Access

Enjoy full access to all courses available at Emailexpert Academy including many advanced courses and premium online testing and certification without limits.

Over a dozen courses with accompanying certification will be available exclusively to full members in 2023.

Training delivered by industry experts as well as the team of in house professionals at emailexpert.

'Full Member Only' Online Meetups

Frequent interactive online meetups are hosted on a number of themes and topics. Bringing experts to AMA sessions to address any hot topics that occur that impact members as well as providing networking opportunities. Example topics that may be covered as urgent would include sudden announcements of mass layoffs in the industry,  significant players going out of business, security holes found in known technologies we rely on and more.

Access online conferences free (and your guest)

Access to all of our conference content, past, present and future, completely unfettered and free of charge online.

No need to register via third parties nor opt-in to other lists to gain access to our online events.

Watch live and access all the replays free of charge before they are made available to the general public.

You can invite one guest free of charge to each of our online conferences.

Complimentary invites to local meetups

We are looking to host more meet-ups than ever before in 2023. Including meet-ups already planned in India, USA, Canada and across Europe. 

Our corporate members will often sponsor the pizza or even provide a space to host the meetup, on occasion emailexpert has been known to sponsor the meet-ups. We have sponsored meetups in Sydney, London, Utrecht, Valencia, New York and Miami. 

Want a meetup in your (nearest) City? Reach out and we will try to make it happen.

Enhanced discounts and offers

Access a wide range of discounts from our corporate members and others in our community. As well as 30% discount on tickets for our in person events, training and premium certifications.

Access Online Tools, Toolkits and Member Only Reports

Unlimited access to dozens of tools to help with a variety of email tasks including dozens of AI ChatGPT style tools to automate day to day tasks and processes enabling you to save huge amounts of time every day.

Access our best practice guides being published Q2 2023

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