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Taylor Raffa (speaker), Andrew Bonar (co-founder), Keith Kouzmanoff (Lifetime Patron), Nely Bonar Mukhamedzhanova (co-founder)

Far away from the every day!

A Message From the Founders

Emailexpert is a community of email geeks with incredible potential, but it is nothing without you. We humbly hope for your continued support as we look to build our team and enhance the benefits of being a member of the community in 2024.

Nailya Mukhamedzhanova & Andrew Bonar

A little information about our community

Aa small organisation with global reach. Hosted events in APAC, North America, Europe and the UK.

Virtual events focussed on India, the Middle East and Asia, Canada and Australia with our partners.

Delivered content in English, Dutch and Spanish in just the past 2 years.

In 2024 we are supporting & hosting events in Amsterdam, Alicante, Atlanta, Amman, Rotterdam, Utrecht, London, Manchester & Vancouver.

We have achieved a significant amount since we first launched as a blog in 2009, for the love of email. From our earliest days hosting informal industry meet-ups with senior leaders.

Having formally incorporated as a formal business late in 2019 under the guidance of our managing director we we have found ourselves escalating our reach at a rapid pace.

In late 2021 we successfully launched a pilot membership program attracting members including Abusix, Halon, Red Sift, Spamhaus, Mailkit, Email Consul.

In 2024 we enjoy the support of Halon, SURBL, AtData, Postmastery, The Email Studio, Email Industries and SEINO.

In 2023 we had our biggest ever Inbox Expo in Valencia, Deliverability Summit in Prague and our first ever inaugural MAdTech FEST in Utrecht with nearly 300 visitors over 3 days.

In 2024 we have already sold out our marketing consortium with 8 members now present. We retained our two founders club members, and now aim to enrol at least 100 business members this year, twice that in professional memberships and a similar number of associates.

Every new member is incredibly important to our survival as this an important yet vulnerable time in our growth, we look forward to your support.

Our community in numbers

At the heart of what we do is individuals, at the end of the day it is about YOU!

We are excited to join you wherever you are in the email space and at whatever point you are in your journey. From novice to seasoned professional.

We offer free membership to professionals and students however our lifeblood is our paid members and our goal in 2024 is to enrol in excess if 100 business members, 100 professional members & 150 associates.

We aim to support you with tools, resources and opportunities to meet and exceed your goals in 2024 and beyond.

Serving the email community
0 yrs

We look forward to our 15th anniversary in 2024.

Events since we launched

Sydney, London, Miami, New York, Valencia, Utrecht we truly have had a global footprint.

Delegates at our events

In person and online, we have had delegates from across the planet!

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