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A brief history of emailexpert...

From a blog with occasional meet-ups to a global community and international conferences, summits, networking opportunities and expo’s.


In 2009, emailexpert.org was registered and a blog was created to focus on the SaaS and deliverability space within the email community. 


In 2014, Andrew and Nely Bonar, a husband and wife team, began discussing the idea of organizing large-scale events and held their first emailexpert birthday party in New York.

Subsequently, events and email meetups were held in various locations, including The Hilton Hotel Sydney in partnership with DotDigital and AlchemyWorx. The emailexpert team attended various conferences around the world including in Sydney, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Brussels, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Prague, Paris. In the conference in Miami Jim Ducharme was taking interviews for the emailexpert blog.


In 2019, Nailya Mukhamedzhanova registered emailexpert UK Ltd after securing the rights to the emailexpert.com domain, and began organizing a small event that quickly grew into an international email marketing conference.


In 2020, the pandemic caused them to pivot their event to an online conference. Taking advantage of their early investment in the Hopin platform, they were able to deliver 100% of their content online.


In 2021, emailexpert held two Inbox Expo events, one in the spring and one in the winter.

The spring edition was held online with four days of content, and the winter edition was held in Valencia, Spain and streamed live online. Both events were bi-lingual, offering content in both English and Spanish. The special guest cameo message from Steve Wozniak endorsing Inbox Expo was highlight of the year.


In 2022, emailexpert underwent a logo and brand update and held a Deliverability Summit in London. 

With the keynote speaker Max Schrems. The following year, they held a DMARC Advisor Inbox Expo hybrid event in Valencia, which was attended by 150 international delegates, speakers, and sponsors. Organised two in person meetups in Croydon, UK & in Utrecht, Netherlands


3 events, 3 counties. Our biggest ever. In 2023, emailexpert held their biggest ever Inbox Expo which took place in Valencia and Online. The Inbox Expo event was sold to long time supporter and member Email Industries.

We held  the biggest ever Deliverability Summit in Prague and our inaugural MAdTechFest in Utrecht and held our first Festians meetup a boat trip in the Amsterdam canals.


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