PowerInbox are continuing to find innovative value-driven ways in which marketers can utilise their lists and leverage their email program for additional revenue and profit. Through their value-based partnership opportunities, ESPs can also realise additional margin by integrating with an extensive API solution available, they can offer their clients the benefits from within their platform.

They look to offer marketers an additional revenue stream and publishers access to fresh audiences hoping to bring additional benefits from the email channel through their content discovery for email solutions. An Outbrain or Taboola for email if you will.

The ESP PostUp recently announced an integration with the PowerInbox platform stating they were looking to offer clients a method to improve email engagement metrics, and that dynamic, personalized and optimized content at time of open will assist in that aim, and therefore added the functionality within their ESP suite.

Content discovery is fast becoming a central source of revenue for publishers as it proves to be the fastest growing channel for the monetisation of content, likewise marketers are finding their articles are reaching the right audience through the utilisation of content discovery networks.  PowerInbox is bringing content advertising to a vast array of email newsletters, including: Hearst, Bauer, NFL are all currently utilising the  company’s proprietary technology.

“By providing our readers with content they want to read, RevenueStripe is delivering better user engagement metrics while generating an incremental revenue stream for Hearst,” said Charlie Swift, VP Strategy & Marketing Operations, Hearst Corporation. “RevenueStripe allows us to better monetize our digital and subscriber assets.”

PowerInbox’s RevenueStripe content recommendation solution provides a dynamic email solution which changes content based on device, geography, time and click behaviour and thereby promising to serve up relevant content that  add value to the recipients

Research from Forrester proves again that email is the workhorse of the digital marketer and that US adults are twice as likely to sign up for emails to stay in touch with a brand than to interact with the brand on Facebook, and Facebook posts are delivered or seen only 2% of the time, with open rates for email newsletters far higher than that by any average.

The PowerInbox proprietary technology utilises machine learning algorithms and history of serving engaging and interactive emails, RevenueStripe matches the right content with the right user based on device, time, location and additional data points where available.

In excess of fifty publishers and marketers are currently working with RevenueStripe, all benefitting from additional revenue stream from the email-based content recommendations offered by PowerInbox, and potential deliverability improvements as a result of click-through rates increasing by 20% as recipients see the value in the targeted, relevant content.

Jeff Kupietzky, CEO, PowerInbox said “The success of our RevenueStripe content recommendation solution has been validated by the multitudes of brands working with us, and we’re pleased that they are seeing higher engagement along with a new source of revenue.”

The company’s solution is currently embedded within 1.5 billion emails sent a month, across 250 branded newsletters, and is more than doubling in size every quarter.

For more information about PowerInbox, visit www.powerinbox.com and for the datasheet on RevenueStripe click here.