Experian Data Quality launches Deliverability Audit Service

Experian Data Quality recently announced the launch of a new deliverability audit service. The offering leverages a team of seasoned compliance and deliverability experts to provide a comprehensive analysis of a company’s email marketing program and practices. The goal is to identify tactics and/or products and services that can enable companies to increase inbox deliverability

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FreshAddress Celebrates its 15th Year Anniversary

FreshAddress announced recently that August 2014 marks the company’s 15 year anniversary of its founding. It all started back in 1999 when co-founder Austin Bliss wanted to contact an old college friend but did not have her new email address. There was no service that could help, so he came up with the idea of

Bonar Calls BS

Bonar Calls #BS : 5 Gmail Marketing Myths

If you have been reading the popular press, or even for that matter some of the more technical blogs you can be forgiven for being misinformed about the impact of recent changes at Gmail on email marketing. You could be forgiven for thinking you need a helicopter-hat to understand what is going on. With Mashable,

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BlueHornet 2014 Consumer Views of Email Marketing Report

BlueHornet Networks recently released its 2014 Consumer Views of Email Marketing report. The results highlight important findings about consumer behavior and sentiment toward email marketing as well as consumer interactions with brands, and their use of social media and text messaging. The survey includes response data from a national panel of more than 1,000 consumers between the ages of

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eTrigue Launched Email Intelligence Marketing Platform

eTrigue Corporation launched VisitIQ, marketing software that adds intelligence to everyday email by identifying and connecting the actions of anonymous web visitors to individual digital biographies of known prospects with real-time information. VisitIQ is a new approach to email marketing and web analytics tailored specifically for small businesses – the fastest-growing and largest segment of today’s