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Emailexpert has been working with established leaders in email and orgs looking to disrupt the marketplace, helping them win exposure, awareness, industry connections and empowering them to send email better for 15 years! 

“The days of Feeling Unsure in the Email Marketing and Sender community are Gone!”

Made possible via a unique email marketing alliance!

Emailexpert Consortium

Member Programs

No matter what role email plays in your business we have a program for you. 

Industry startups and small business offering professional email services and solutions are able to get a discount on industry membership. We offer discounts to registered charities, non governmental organisations and educational institutions looking for business membership.

Lock-in pricing for life. As the community and benefits grow, pricing will increase, however subscribe today and lock the subscription price in forever. 

Business Membership

Does your company use email as a marketing and communication channel?
£ 1095
  • 1 Event Ticket Per Year
  • Online Training for your org : Coming Soon
  • Online certification for staff
  • Always on email marketing support community
  • Access to online member community
  • Access Member Only Events
  • Member Meetups Online

Industry Membership

Do you offer email related professional services and solutions you want promoted?
£ 1495
  • Digital Badge and Online Certification for your org
  • Enhanced Listing
  • Logo & Link on
  • Guest Posting Opportunities and related sites
  • List your events on
  • Access to online member community
  • Host events on our online member community
  • 4 Press Releases on
  • Online Training for and Certification for Team *
  • Discounted conference tickets

Elite Programs & Professional Services

Marketing Consortium

Select level of membership by approval
£ 5950
  • Industry Membership + Extensive Marketing Support
  • 1 ticket to every event
  • Group Zoom Meetings
  • Collaborate on Industry Research and Reports
  • Supporting sponsor of every event

Founders Club

Connect our founders experience to your challenges and priorities.
£ 3450
  • Industry Membership Included
  • Monthly Consultancy Call
  • Discounted Hourly Rate
  • On Call Customer Support

Professional Services

If you work in the business of email and looking for support in operations or marketing we are able to support you. Our specialty lies in advising founders, board level or senior executives and marketing teams in organisations operating multi tenant email operations or otherwise active or seeking to be active in the email community. Whether it is an organisational learning and training, deliverability and delivery audits, industry relations or marketing services and support emailexpert is uniquely placed to assist. 


We go beyond traditional advisory roles & offer a hands-on service that is designed to bring tangible results to your business. An approach not limited to mentoring .

While many advisory services stop at advice, we take it further. Our founders work closely with you to understand your business challenges and opportunities. We then translate these insights into practical steps that we can then action or provide outlines in comprehensive reports, to guide you towards your objectives.

Available as part of the Founders Club Offering at £3,250 per month


At, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry knowledge and insights. With a proprietary database that encompasses hundreds of businesses in the email marketing and related sectors, we are uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled research capabilities.

Our access to exclusive industry groups further enhances our ability to provide comprehensive and meaningful research reports.

We can take on one off research projects or ongoing reporting and analysis. Projects from £6,950


We can help enterprise clients with requirements in the messaging space including all aspects of delivery, deliverability, vendor, freelancer and agency selection.

Business operating in the email and CRM space can benefit from strategic Market Entry, Go to Market, Compliance, TAM Analysis, Partner Strategy and more.

Projects of this type typically start at £11,950, offering a range of options to suit various budgets. Each project is meticulously planned and executed to ensure the highest quality of strategic planning and implementation.

Halon are active Marketing Alliance members with an active subscription through to 2026!

“Halon has been working with Andrew Bonar as an executive advisor for over 2 years. 

It has been a valuable strategic investment, as Emailexpert is bringing unique perspectives, invaluable email market knowledge, insights and connections; allowing us to reach further, broader and deeper into the email ecosystem.

I’m looking look forward to a long term future partnership.”

Happy Clients

Andrew and emailexpert worked with myself, the board and our entire team at the beginning of our deliverability journey back in 2014.

Back then we were known as Dotmailer, our sole focus was on email and Andrew produced the foundation of a longer term deliverability strategy for us to implement with great success.

His extensive industry knowledge, connections to a network of experts, and actionable insights facilitated us building the foundations of Dotdigital’s Customer Experience & Data Platform (CXDP) with a best in class, world class, email infrastructure and deliverability team. 

We have continued our relationship with the emailexpert team post the initial engagement and value our long term partnership by continuing to share our experience and knowledge with the wider email community.

Steve Shaw, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Dotdigital

Working with Andrew Bonar and the Emailexpert team since late 2022 has been a transformative experience for Postmastery.

From our initial meetings to the comprehensive consultancy and marketing support services they’ve provided, it’s evident that they have an in-depth understanding of our industry. 

Their expertise has been invaluable in areas ranging from content and calendar creation, website reviews to meticulous work across our content.

Andrews ability to offer constructive feedback and actionable insights has significantly contributed to optimising our marketing operations. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction, whether it’s a detailed review of our apps or crafting impactful press releases and case studies.

Your Expertise, Our Network

Explore our products to learn more about your insurance options and in addition receive a quote from us.


We operated for over a decade without asking our community for any kind of financial contributions.

Our desire to level up the community and extend more opportunities to our members led us to trialing paid memberships to a limited audience in 2021 with some success.

Absolutely. Please reach out using our contact form or by email and we can make arrangements. Please ensure you include your company details, company and tax numbers. 

hello @ 

We can raise invoices and accept payment in USD, GBP, CAD and EURO.

We offer a range of resources that can be shared across your teams. You have access to discounts for all employees in respect of events and training. 3 Employees gain Full Emailexpert membership with associated benefits. Enterprise membership with more full members included available on request.

We are open to everyone and do not restrict individuals or companies from general membership. Subject to our terms.

We are one of the oldest continuously operating independent communities for emailexperts and email geeks.

We provide resources online and in person and have organised and have hosted events of various sizes in Australia, US, UK and Europe.

We encourage a diverse membership and ensure we make ourselves accessible to under represented communities through a variety of pro active initiatives.

A focused management team that treats the community as its first priority and primary responsibility.

We have commitment to transparency and ethical conduct. Eschewing opaque practices, do not maintain hidden agendas, we prioritise open communication and straightforward dealings.

Our operational structure avoids bureaucratic inefficiencies, enabling us to be more agile and responsive than larger, committee-driven organisations.


Going forward will generally select new potential members to invite from our current business membership.

We encourage you to register for Business Membership and reach out to us through the internal channels available to members. We will discount your professional fee´s when upgrading.

However you can request a discussion and exploratory call by completing our contact form and sharing as much detail as possible about your interest.

Individuals can register for membership here.

If we currently have availability showing then please arrange a call at your earliest convenience with Andrew Bonar. Places fill quickly and subscription to this service is for 12 month minimum.

The first month of service is always more intense than those subsequent months as we invest more time, effort and resources in onboarding Founders Club members and getting a proper understanding of the orgs business and its challenges. 

We are therefore able to offer a 45 day trial engagement at a fixed price of £5,950 and can arrange a series of fixed deliverables in that period.

Please arrange a call at your earliest convenience with Andrew Bonar to discuss. 


Reach out to The Team

Leave your details and one of our founders will reach out to you!

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