Careers at emailexpert

Want to work with a small org with a big heart? A unique experience and opportunity awaits for the right people. We are growing our team in 2024 and looking for motivated individuals in the UK to help us meet our members needs and grow.

For the foreseeable future the vast majority of our vacancies will be part time and are therefore happy to work those whose primary priority is with their own business, family or other project. Despite this, we are offering permanent ongoing vacancies and are looking for those that are planning on spending many years with us.  Typically we are anticipating advertising roles that offer no more than 2 days work per week, and some requiring as little as 2 or 3 days per month. However in future as the organisation grows there will be the opportunity for full time roles. Starting salary expectations dependant on role, experience and related factors will be published alongside each vacancy. We will typically offer roles paying between £33,500 and £85,000 per annum paid pro rata.

Other contract opportunities inside and outside the UK will be made available in due course.

Requirements for all vacancies

Benefits to everyone on day one

Benefits after 12 Months

We are publicly stating our intention to offer the following options in contracts starting in 2025. Those employed before then will have comparable or better benefits afforded to them and time served applied retrospectively at that time.

A few of the roles we will be looking to fill

Whilst we would love to be in a position to fill all these roles immediately we may not fill some of these roles much before the end of 2024, if at all. We will advertise vacancies as they become available. We plan to grow the team organically aligned with the communities growth and you might anticipate a new hire each time we achieve around 30 new business memberships. We will be unlikely to place more than two new hires in any given month,

The titles and roles are subject to change or, roles are subject to removal at any time as we deal with the realities of business in 2024.

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