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Shaping the future of email marketing through a global community of professionals committed to learning, innovation and best practices.

For over 14 years, we have fostered a community that offers a safe and welcoming space for both industry veterans and newcomers. 


Member Programs

Our membership programs are designed to help elevate individual careers and organisations visibility, connecting people and enabling meaningful relationships. We do this by providing certification, training, mentoring as well as opportunities to meet in person and online.

Supported by forward thinking email experts

The Marketing Consortium

An independent trusted community of international email professionals

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We have migrated from using WordPress as our primary member platform to utilising Heartbeat. As a result our community members can now stay in touch with our 24/7 community even easier.

We’re excited to about transitioning to Heartbeat, a modern, purpose built, all-in-one platform designed to elevate community engagement and functionality.This move is all about maximising value for our members, and eschewing platforms that are not privacy aware ensuring we can be more accessible to all our members.

Certification Options

Finally professionals in the email and CRM space can secure various “Certified Emailexpert” through training and examinations. Our pilot program is happening in-person in Alicante.

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Professional Services

Work in the business of email and looking for support in operations or marketing? We are here to assist. Our specialty lies in advising founders, board level and senior executives and their marketing teams in organisations operating multi tenant email operations or otherwise active or seeking to be active in the email community. 

Whether it is organisational learning & training, enterprise holistic deliverability & delivery audits, industry relations or marketing services and support then the team at emailexpert is uniquely placed to assist. Most services are available exclusively on a subscription basis.

“Thank you Andrew Bonar and Nely Bonar for hosting a truly awesome event and introducing me to some of the smartest, most passionate and friendly marketers I’ve ever met!”
“I had the pleasure of speaking at martech FEST in Utrecht, Netherlands. I also had the opportunity to connect with and learn from other incredible #emailgeeks. Thanks Andrew Bonar and Nely Bonar for organising such a great event.”

2023 Event Feedback

“It has taken me a few days to reflect on a phenomenal martech FEST last week. ​​Massive thanks to the martech FEST organisers Nely Bonar & Andrew Bonar for a fantastic event, great talks and shout out to esbconnect for the panel invite.”

“I was honored to be a part of martech FEST in Utrecht, Netherlands, specifically for the Festival of Email. Speaking on that grand cinema screen was an incredible experience! Moreover, I had the privilege of learning from numerous talented #emailgeeks and, of course, fantastic networking and memorable moments throughout the week-end. A super thank you to Andrew Bonar and Nely Bonar for making this opportunity possible.”

“Much appreciate Nely Bonar & Andrew Bonar for this amazing opportunity. Too much knowledge shared at all the session. #puma #ecommerce #strategy #retention”
“It was amazing, and seriously humbling being around such subject matter experts, on such an international scale.”

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