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At emailexpert, we believe that everyone who has a passion for email deserves a chance to expand their skills and grow their networks – irrespective of their financial situation. We have always believed this and it has always been our intention to elevate and champion those in our network. Affordable and no cost options for engaging with emailexpert content, certifications and community have always been available in one shape, form or another. Therefore, we are excited to officially announce our Scholarship Programs will be formalised and expanded significantly in 2024, aimed at supporting the economically-disadvantaged and otherwise under represented yet passionate individuals who seek to be a part of our rich network of experts.

We have always supported those in difficult situations in making our events and content accessible, and hereby formally commit to continue to do so. and in a more organised and formal fashion. Beyond extending benefits for individuals we have every year provided complimentary top tier premium membership to at least one startup business or organisation selected based on our advisors belief of who would benefit from the complimentary elevated status and bring value to the community.

As a matter of course startup business that meet our membership criteria are welcome to afford themselves of our generous discounts of 50% on standard prices as well as additional benefits not normally available as part of standard membership. We have also extended the opportunity to a number of organisations in the wider space for reciprocal membership status and benefits and that offer remains open.

Through our Scholarship Programs, you can request access to emailexpert events and communities free of charge. From global conferences, networking opportunities, and meet-ups to detailed expos and summits, our channels offer enriching experiences in the email industry among a diverse group of professionals and experts. Dive into the intricacies of the Email, Marketing, SaaS and deliverability space, learning valuable tools and strategies to move ahead in your career.

Are you:

  • A passionate professional or enthusiast in the email, marketing, SaaS messaging delivery or deliverability space?
  • Facing financial hardship that is limiting you from attending our events or joining our community?
  • Keen on building relationships and learning from the crème de la crème of email marketing?

If your answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, then you are exactly who we are looking for! Each program will have its own set of requirements and selection criteria.

Current Open Programs

At the moment we have two scholarship programs, one for our Deliverability Summit in Amsterdam the other in Alicante. These are to celebrate International Womens day and open to those that identify as women.

For Amsterdam, we have 1 spot available for a woman who has recently worked in email delivery, deliverability, anti-abuse/compliance or adjunct role and is currently out of work or underemployed and looking to work full time. We can cover one night in a 2/3* hotel, and a free ticket to the conference on April 11th and 12th.

For Alicante, Spain, we have 1 scholarship available. The full scholarship includes 2 nights in a hotel, and access to the intensive training day and conference. For those identifying as women to qualify they should have been recently engaged in an email marketing, CRM or similar role and applicants must be currently unemployed or underemployed and looking to work full time.

Apply here:

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