An Inclusive Community for Email Geeks

emailexpert has been serving the email community for the better part of 15 years, born out of the love of email on February 14th 2006. We are now building a federation of email professionals and their associates.

Our Community since re-launch:

  • 200+ hours of fresh content
  • 200 Speakers and Panelists
  • 18,000 Video Replays
  • 2,000 Unique Visitors to our Online Events
  • 5,000 Members via Linkedin Groups
  • 300,000 Visitor to Our Websites
  • Dozens of People Spoke for the First Time in Public
  • Thousands of connections facilitated and generated

Since re-launch some of what we delivered:

  • Launched the email vendor selection platform
  • Delivered the first post-pandemic online conference experience in March 2019, the Inbox Expo
  • Launched 3 Major Events: Inbox Expo, Deliverability Summit and Festival of Email
  • Delivered the first in person Conference for the email community post-pandemic in June 2021: Emailexpert Miami Live!
  • Launched the first truly hybrid conference experience for the email industry: Festival of Email
  • Launching the first free, public, formal industry mentor program for the industry July 2021 Email Mentors

Incredibly Grateful to Our 2021 Patrons

Incredibly grateful to all our event sponsors and to Tanishq Juneja of Netcore Cloud in particular, a primary sponsor of many emailexpert initiatives since 2019. Lauren Meyer deserves a special mention having introduced more than one corporate sponsor before becoming a primary sponsor in her new role at SocketLabs.

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