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At Emailexpert, we leverage our more than two decades of experience and extensive network to bring you powerful, actionable email industry research. Our reach spans globally and includes engagement with over 5,000 industry professional members. Dive deep into the pulse of the email industry with Emailexpert. Our vast network, and reach to senior decision-makers across the industry, ensures we are uniquely placed to provide exclusive research services tailored for email service providers, email marketing providers, agencies, and consultants. We are ready to bring this wealth of knowledge and reach to your business.

Perhaps you have your own proprietary data sets. Experience the transformative power of storytelling with Emailexpert’s advanced content enhancement and report writing services. At Emailexpert, we don’t just make sense of data; we turn them into narratives that engage, inform, and inspire. 

Our team specialises in transforming complex data into meaningful reports and user stories, providing a deeper understanding of your business landscape. We not only collate and structure data but go further to include real-world experiences, drawing from interviews with team members, clients, and other key industry figures to breathe life into the figures and statistics. We can create compelling content that drives engagement, promotes thought leadership, and accelerates decision-making. 

Our unique positioning comes from our strong presence in the industry, both online and in-person, having hosted events with over 1,000 delegates online, and making appearances in locations such as Miami, Prague, Valencia, London, Utrecht and more in just the past 3 years. This gives us deep insight into the evolution of email marketing strategy and tactics.

We offer tailored research projects that can help you gain a key understanding of the latest trends, user behaviour, and best practices in the email industry. Our research studies are ideal for operations and marketing teams who seek fact-based insights to enhance their email marketing strategy and execution.

We pull from our proprietary database of hundreds of businesses in the email industry, along with insider access to various industry groups, to delve deep into the world of email marketing. From tracking the success rates of different email techniques to identifying the best practices that industry leaders are employing, Emailexpert filters through the noise to bring you pertinent, actionable insights.

With Emailexpert’s research projects, you stand to benefit from:

– Detailed analysis of current email marketing trends.
– Insight into customer behaviors and email engagement.
– Assessment of various email marketing strategies and their success rates, helping you to craft a refined marketing strategy.
– Access to the latest in technology facilitating multi-tenant email operations.
– Comprehensive reporting that can influence your strategic planning and decision making.

Emailexpert offers research projects starting from £5,950, tailored to the specific needs of your business. Equip your team with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of email. Reach out to us today to start uncovering insights.

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